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Wedding Groups

While you cannot use this home for the actual wedding, Luxury in the City is perfect for housing your bridal party, wedding guests, or family members. 

Family members can fellowship in an intimate and home environment instead of in the halls of a cold hotel or at a bar. Prepare meals together in one of the two full kitchens or get meals catered by one of our recommended chefs or local restaurants.

Rewatch scenes from the wedding day on the home theatre screen or unwind and enjoy brunch at home the next day.

Why should you choose Luxury in the City for your wedding accommodations?

  1. Location: Right of I-85 and less than 10 minutes from Uptown makes it convenient for popular event venues like the Mint Museum, Harvey B. Gantt Center, Camp North End, and so many more.

  2. Budget: For the budget-conscious bride, this is the place for you. Instead of paying $250 per night per hotel room, save your money by renting this Charlotte Vacation Rental home. With 30 guests, it's less than $70 per person per night! 

  3. Size & Space: There are no other homes in Charlotte, NC that can sleep this many guests. Host 30+ family members in one space. Whether it's the groomsmen, bridesmaids, in-laws, or grandparents, there's enough space for everyone.

  4. Privacy: Enjoy the privacy of a home with private amenities. Why share a gym with other hotel guests when you could have your own private one? Each bedroom has a private bathroom making it feel like your own personal hotel room. 

  5. Amenities: The amenities in this home were made with you in mind. Have a girl's night before the big day by watching a movie in the home theatre. Get dressed here, take bridal photos, and head out to your wedding venue all from this home. 


The basement bathroom has a full makeup and hairstyling station plus a shampoo bowl making it easy to get ready for your special day!

Wardrobe racks are in the attached room to hang bridesmaids' dresses. Make this property your home base for wedding preparations and bridesmaids' dressing.

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